Dealers hijacking the discussions

I’m a very long term member and look at the forums most every day. I’m personally extremely irritated by dealers injecting sales pitches into the discussions which has never really been a problem before. Dealers are biased as it’s the nature of business and this is fine but I don’t go to audiogon to see shameless promotion. There’s one guy in particular that needs to go away. The fact that you’ll all know who it is says volumes about the amount of posting this guy/dealer does on audiogon. Does anyone feel as I do. Just curious.
(regarding my prior post)

The next domino to fall in that chain of logic, is that if the unconscious rules the social and cultural cohesion..and it does... then mediocrity rules the roost in sales and market penetration.

’The best’ in that main middle thing that floats merely a projection of what mediocrity thinks or rather imagines is best.

Which is how you end up with big butts, collagen lips and breast implants as idealizations.

Even in the world of audio.

Mediocrity sees a cow in the field. Moo. Food.

A wider view...maybe sees...millions of years of evolution, DNA, dimensional realities, complex physics of quantum systems, multiple potential realities, non linear time and so on. (IE, according to Musk and many others, it’s not a base reality, chances of that are billions to one against. He’s not wrong - no matter how upsetting to the unconscious ruler of your ’reality’ that this point may be)
Bulder the reality we dont hijack anything.

If you notice it is only when a certain member starts attacking us does a post get hijacked.

Why dont you talk to us about any audio related question and see for yourself most people who have actually contacted us will vouch for our knowledge and openesss. We will often if it comes up discuss products that we dont sell and recomend those products as well.

I would like a dealer section for posting new threads. This is so I do not have to weed through the non-dealer posts.
The fish rots from the head down. The bar has lowered, if not eliminated.  All of this is like a slow motion version of the demise of the Krell in the movie, Forbidden Planet.

For those who haven't seen the movie, the premise goes something like this: an advanced culture creates the ultimate device that allows everyone to link in with their minds and create a more beautiful world.

What they got instead were 'creatures from the id'. They simply forgot that there is an unconscious side to their thoughts that once unleashed, destroyed them.

Sounds a lot like what fakebook and twiddle did, doesn't it?

All the best,
Thanks bar 81. By the way, Audiotroy  mischaracterizes the thread he invaded to make it seem like the poster was confused about which speakers he should consider. The OP indicated that he currently owned Proacs and wanted to upgrade to either used Sasha 2s or Sabrinas. He wanted help in choosing between those two. Then in came Audiotroy to tell him that he should consider others---with his usual thousand words.
I want all to know that I only call out Audiotroy when he invades a thread  in which I am already a participant and hijacks it away from an OP's inquiry. I will never seek him out just to badger him as my time is more important than to be bothered searching for whatever Audiotroy has to say which is always too much.
I truly enjoy this forum and would be sad to see it devolve into an opportunistic salesman's feeding ground. If I can stop the momentum,I will. I will certainly not remain silent or quit because of Audiotroy's misconduct.