Dealers hijacking the discussions

I’m a very long term member and look at the forums most every day. I’m personally extremely irritated by dealers injecting sales pitches into the discussions which has never really been a problem before. Dealers are biased as it’s the nature of business and this is fine but I don’t go to audiogon to see shameless promotion. There’s one guy in particular that needs to go away. The fact that you’ll all know who it is says volumes about the amount of posting this guy/dealer does on audiogon. Does anyone feel as I do. Just curious.

Disagree, I would absolutely miss the contribution of some of our valued dealers and manufacturers who post here.

It is really just a few who post on and on, really hawking their products, whether they admit it or not, while throwing in a bit of insight.

There’s a very blurry line between manufacturer, distributor, dealer, reviewer and hobbyist and an attempt to rule on who is and is not allowed to contribute is doomed to in the long run just further damp down the site. We should welcome as many voices and perspectives as possible and as others have noted you soon learn to tune out the nattering nabobs of negativity or the blowhard sales folks 
Hey who is the "us" that want the dealers to leave A’Gon. The "me" finds their contributions invaluable.

I consider these dealers to have more knowledge than me for the most part. That does not mean I will agree with everything. For example, there are a couple of things AudioTroy said about digital music servers that I may disagree with. However, I do not have the time nor inclination to prove if he is right or I am right by testing this out. For many of the other ideas he has presented, that I have limited knowledge on, I take his statements with more credibility than regular posters (like me). Not assuming his recommendations will work for me but I give dealers a lot more leeway because they spend the whole day with audio.

I am about to spend a lot of money soon on a final system ($50Kish) (this is not a hobby for me). I have found that AudioTroy’s feedback here has helped me understand my audio observations better. I do not know anyone locally that cares about audio to talk to so this is invaluable.

I reside in California but I want to make a purchase from his store one day just to show support for all the grief he encounters here.
Not for a minute am I suggesting that any one group not be allowed to participate. On the other hand, no one should run rough-shod over the thread, either. That's all.
To balance out the more cranky posts:

Dealers, keep posting here, I appreciate your input.