Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Rolling Stones tour delayed due to Mick Jagger health condition
David Bowie
George Harrison
and no new ones at all

Rock\n\Roll's dead pretty much, but Jazz's still alive!
I am always fascinated by the words "praise" and "worship". If there was indeed an almighty deity, he wouldn't need or desire anyone's praise or worship. We can all love different types of music at different times as our moods dictate. The idea that one type or another has a divine stamp of approval is just silly. 
He doesn't need it, you do to learn what pure love is which is not found in moods .
schubert- you are 80+ years old stupid!  I would rather die than give up music, even for one day.  Music has filled my life since I was 3,  Last week I performed for 350 people at the AJU university and tonight I was the videographer of a performance many talented performers including Tovah Feldshuh, Hila Plitman, Emily Bear, Zinovy Goro and Mark Kashper together with the 25th anniversary of the 50 member Los Angeles Jewish Symphony (with many dignitaries present) under conductor Dr. Noreen Green.   When your life revolves around music, you don't take a "vacation" from it.  Its in my lifeblood.  Its part of my culture and religion, music is always present at times of joy and grieving, happy and sad music.  But always music.
I suspect the soundtracks for Forest Gump, Easy Rider, Full Metal Jacket, Goodfellows and Casino wouldn’t work too well with classical music.