Decca Classical Reissues Mastered at Abbey Road? Copies of digital files? Or REAL Reissue?

There are a number of Decca classical reissues on vinyl that are showing up on Amazon such as this one:  

My question is this:  Is this record the speakers corner reissue which is guaranteed to have been mastered from the original decca analogue tape?  OR is this Decca/Universal taking the digital file of this historic recording and just transferring it to vinyl.  Earlier speakers corners reissues of other records that I have had very little on the back of the jacket to identify it as a reissue at all.  THIS one has a back jacket that mentions only Decca and remastering at the Abbey Road studios.  Obviously the ONLY reason to buy a reissue of an original Decca/London recording from the pre-1970 era is to get a REISSUE of the actual record, not a digital transfer onto vinyl.  NOW I'm usually the last one to be clued into this whole thing, and I know this has been an issue in the past more generally speaking.  BUT my question is, is THIS record, and all the ones like it that have begun to appear as being sourced from Decca Classics just a copy of the digital file, or is an actual analog recording made from a lacquer which was made from the original analogue tape?  Anyone?
It's a mystery to me too! Further investigation required! An LP made from the original master tape or even a safety copy is far more valuable than one made from a digital file. I wish this information was stated clearly on the jacket and/or the LP label. I always prefer original pressings of pre-digital recordings!
The description says "Mastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analogue tapes" . So according to this it is the real thing! And an excellent price of $10.99 for the 2 - LP set (used)!
That’s the way to do it for sure. More artists have realised that the reissue will be much more faithful to the original release.

But many of these remasters from original analogue tape are being digitized to a hard drive and then remixed. It’s easier and cheaper for the engineer to manipulate the tracks in the digital domain. And there's no wear or stress added to these old tapes which have come out of storage.
There’s a debate about whether Jimmy Page stayed analogue or transferred the tapes to digital.
It would help if a SPARS type code was used with these reissues. AAA being truly analogue.

probably digital."remastered from analogue" hype is no guarantee either.the recent 2016 pink floyd remasters have a similar hype and they were all cut from digital.
mediocre sound compared to a good original.