Decent power strip

I've been searching the forum to find out if there's a reasonably priced ($100-$200) power strip to use for some headphone gear. The only information I was able to dig up was on DIY project power strips which I'm not interested in. I have 3-4 devices to plug in but only a duplex at this location. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I use a PS Audio Juice Bar purchased used from Audiogon. There have since been updated versions of the original that I own.
My suggestion is not to buy from the company targeting audiophiles because they are usually overpriced. Instead, look for the ones used by professional musicians. The brand I like is Furman. It makes all kinds of power filters and conditioners. If you only need a power strip, try the SS-6B steel power Strip for about $35. Or get the P-8 PRO II advanced power conditioning with 9 outlets for about $260. You can find them on
Hi Donjr

For my headphone set-up that consists of a CD Transport, TT, headphone amp, and separate DAC I use a Belkin PureAV Isolator Home Theater Surge Protector.

Part # F9A833-10

It retailed for $120 but can be often found for $40 to $60 nowadays. It is built very well and really easy to situate.