Deciding on new TT and either a Zephyr MIMC vs an Audio Technica ART9

I think I decided that my new TT will be a VPI Super Prime Scout from Upscale Audio. If you're not familiar it's a VPI Prime Scout that has been upgraded with a 10.5” JMW-10 aluminum tonearm,  VPI's VTA on-the-fly tonearm base,  the 20-pound platter that's on the Prime and Classic series and VPI's Deluxe Delrin/Stainless steel screw-down record clamp.

They sell that with the Zepher MIMC but I asked them to get back to me with a comparison between that and the ART9.

In the past, based on my musical taste(Blues, Vocals, Rock) and Set-up (Ayre EX-8, Herron VTPH-2A, and Quatro Wood CT), people suggested the ART9.  At the time I was considering the Technics TT, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with this VPI. I'd love some guidance on the cartridge with this tonearm/unit.

 The notion that the lower moving mass of a moving iron type cartridge inevitably makes it superior to a moving coil type is appealing, but there are no real data to support it. I admit that I too find that I like the sound of most moving iron cartridges that I own over an average moving coil, but I don’t claim to know why. If moving mass were the whole story, then there would be nothing but moving iron cartridges in the marketplace. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t own an art9, but on other threads that cartridge has been the subject of heaps of praise from nearly all of its owners. I do own an ART7, and it is a really great cartridge, maybe the best for the money that I know about. On the other hand I highly respect Sound Smith and all of their products. You probably can’t go wrong with either.
Thought I would drop in to report i'm enjoying my second ART9 on my VPI.

A little over a week old, and about a dozen album sides in. Perhaps lacking  the slightest bit of upper end refinement of my prior $2K+ Kiseki had.The OCD/nervosa alignment check hasn't been performed yet. I will do that in a month or so.

Breakfast with some early mono Ella, with a sprinkle of the SD-Pretzel  Logic(1st run black label)Fabulous!

jetson- have you made the leap yet? Endless advice will drive you nuts, trying to figure out what the "right" cart is between the two.

As mentioned earlier-subjective, subjective subjective and overall system dependent. If money isn't a factor, I would lean toward the SS-current version.

I'm assuming you have a proper phono stage to extract the virtues of this level of cart? 

The Prime Scout is killer for the price, it deserves equal level($)supporting peripherals.

There's a $6-800 difference between the MIMC and 9.  Based on purchasing at full pop, the difference could buy a budget US cleaner, or whatever along with the ART9.

Thanks again all.
No I haven’t made the leap yet. I’m going to listen to dodgealum’s TT and then decide if I want to purchase his or the Upscale Audio one. His is similar in that it’s a Scout with a Prime platter and bearing,  Prime motor, a junction box with Nordost wiring and a Mark Levinson 3D arm. The table currently has the SS cart. So right now I’m back to deciding on the TT. 
"No I haven’t made the leap yet. I’m going to listen to dodgealum’s TT and then decide if I want to purchase his or the Upscale Audio one."

I see it has the different arm. Not familiar with the ML arm,but i'm guessing a take in the VPI gimbal? I'm sure it's a nice table. It looks like something you will be taking home after a listen.