Decision between Zu Definition OR VS DB99

Trying to decided between these two spectacular speakers. I have not listen to either of them and will not get a opportunity to do so. Hence asking for suggestion/opinions regarding these spks. My room size is 22 by 13 and basically listen to all types of music from classical to rock at quite loud volumes. The spks will be driven via Audio Aero Capitol power amp and cdp.
Since it appears that it could help my credibility, I will confess to being unemployed and unaffiliated.
That said, after visiting the Zu factory and buying a pair of their Druids, I will allow that I am not entirely unbiased in this matter. I would very much like to see these wonderful young guys make a go of it with their speakers.
TVAD - Keep up the excellent sleuth work. I love it when the pot gets caught calling the kettle black.
Wc65mustang, you are referred to as Bill in your Audiogon feedback, you list an East Amherst, NY zipcode in this ad, which is less than 5 miles from AudioFeil International in Clarence Center, NY. You have mentioned attending Shea’s Buffalo theater (in Buffalo, NY), which is less than 15 miles from East Amherst, NY....snip

Damn Grant, the dude's gonna need to bring Johnny Cochran back from the dead to beat this wrap! I think I saw a bloody glove in the "Digital" forum too! I'm gonna come clean before you out me too: I'm actually channeling Harvey Rosenberg when I post.

I would very much like to see these wonderful young guys make a go of it with their speakers.

I agree, I purchased a pair of Zu WAX speaker cables when Zu was a very young company, while I hated the cables the guys over there were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They had a great attitude and were helpful, its shame I didn't like there products more.

Tvad - I think its only fair that you share with us who you are, that's right folks we have Gil Grishom posting now ;)
I visited the ZU factory this past Thursday and met with Adam and Sean and will post pictures and opinions later this weekend when I can formulate my thoughts, but I will tell you I was very impressed with the Definitions driven by Audipax mono 30 watt tubes or the all solid state PS audio they had on hand. Listening to both electronics lead me to believe this speaker will sound great with many different types of gear. Two things hit me; effortless, dynamic sound and seamless presentation. Very musical speaker. I wouldn't hesitate in the least to try the Definition. My guess is you won't send them back.
Phil, do you think the Druids combined with the large subwoofer would be an upgrade over my Hale Design T-5's?