Decisions on standmounts: ATC, Dynaudio, ProAc, Sonus Faber

I’m considering the following speakers models:
Dynaudio Contour S1.4
ProAc Tablette 10 Signature
Sonus Faber Sonetto II

Currently I’m listening to a pair of Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversarry, everything so musical and well done with this speakers, it sound sweet smooth engaging if powerd by a Class D Audio SDS-470C with upgraded power supply, it sound near to neutral with very accurate dimensional Hi-Fi details if powerd by an NAD M22 v2 power amp. Having said that, I would like to have another set of speakers to play with, most probably I would something that sound balanced from top to bottom, while not too clinical analytical or too lush warm sounding to begin with. For critical listening, usually I’m using the Sennheiser HD 600, source signal from Fostex HP-A3 DAC/preamp. I will save a FLAC file if i like/love a track, then I will also convert it to mp3 vbr0 as another copy for car playback.

@markalarsen  Both are not available easily in Malaysia, I'm not sure Ryan S610 can play some less than perfect recording in a mesmerizing way? Also the Joseph Audio Pulsar is double of my budget o_O, which I think I can buy a larger Spendor Classic which has more bass dynamic and extension.
@gphill Aerial Acoustics 5T sound ok with drum music? I suspect due to the woofers cone shape, it can be hard to move for drum music, also it's ring tweeters used, not sure I can stand harshness when playing Aretha's Ain't No Way...
+ 1 shadorne
Always interesting views and experience from you. So far havn’t had any problems with the mid but promise to raise the volume. Don’t really understand how they manage to get this bass into a not to large box. Massive though. Weighs a ton... :-)

A warm recommendation for anyone with big ATC’s (or similar):

Durand Jones & The Indications - "First". Last nine tracks Live from Boston.
@gosta They are for studio use not home. They are designed to sound accurate rather than pleasing.