Decisions on standmounts: ATC, Dynaudio, ProAc, Sonus Faber

I’m considering the following speakers models:
Dynaudio Contour S1.4
ProAc Tablette 10 Signature
Sonus Faber Sonetto II

Currently I’m listening to a pair of Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversarry, everything so musical and well done with this speakers, it sound sweet smooth engaging if powerd by a Class D Audio SDS-470C with upgraded power supply, it sound near to neutral with very accurate dimensional Hi-Fi details if powerd by an NAD M22 v2 power amp. Having said that, I would like to have another set of speakers to play with, most probably I would something that sound balanced from top to bottom, while not too clinical analytical or too lush warm sounding to begin with. For critical listening, usually I’m using the Sennheiser HD 600, source signal from Fostex HP-A3 DAC/preamp. I will save a FLAC file if i like/love a track, then I will also convert it to mp3 vbr0 as another copy for car playback.

@gosta They are for studio use not home. They are designed to sound accurate rather than pleasing. 
Kenjit the ATC loudspeakers are for home use. They make a consumer version of the studio monitors. 

Right on the website under Consumer.

As per musicality the ATC sound fantastic they are not overly colored and they do show you what you are using with them. If your electronics are not good or your source they are going to show you.

The ATC loudspeakers are not hyper critical either, the soft dome tweeter is extended but doesn not have that uber resolution of the best ribbon or Beryilium drivers which can sometimes sound a bit too sterile or revealing.

Basically most soft dome tweeters are going to sound "musical" the difference is how someone perceive musical vs downright colored.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ ATC dealers
@audiotroy I think all the odd figures for home consumer, i.e. ATC SCM(7,11,19), frequently I heard people said it is hard to drive ATC speakers properly, said need Class A blah blah etc. Do you think a Class D Audio SDS-470C or an NAD M22 V2 power amp enough to make the ATC sing beautifully?
Win, I’ve only heard the Aerial’s one time and Bob James was the music. They were the best sounding small speakers I’ve heard. Did not listen to drum music.
@ kenjit

if the recording is "pleasing" then it's fine. But I don't want the speakers (or anything else in the chain) to "please" it for me. So I go for accurate speakers/monitors capable of producing loud levels at low distortion with high resolution and dynamics. For me ATC, Westlake and more recently Quested fulfills that. There are many more of course. When the recording is fine they give me the best of sound. Real music is not always pleasing. It can be really hard and brutal :-)

The Quested monitor (passive) H108 together with a pair of REL T Zero subs I can recommend any day to someone that wants a beautiful sounding (but not too small...) desk top system. Driven by a PW AMP.