Decware: a worthwhile option?

On the surface, Decware seems like an amazing company: American made products, lifetime warranty, dedicated fan base—albeit one that doesn’t seem to leave the Decware forums—and beautiful looking gear.

Upon slightly closer inspection, people seem to buy into or have to buy into the Decware ecosystem. Amp doesn’t output enough? Buy our $600 booster. Or our gain stage, EQ stage, Bass restoration stage. Phono stage. How about a preamp? Spend, spend, Etc., etc. 

So are Decware amps in the 2W-6W range actually useable in the real world with speakers of, say, 94dB-96dB efficiency and above? Or do you have to buy all kinds of extra gear from them to actually get up and running and boost your input voltages high enough to get the amp to really sing?
I bought a used Decware Mini Torii v2. 4 watts speakers are 92db Ref 3A de Capos.
Plenty loud in a 12 x20 room with open sides

love the sound after 4 different tube amp this is the keeper had it about 10 years run 6v6g tubes sweet
larryi i hopped on the Italian Synthesis site and it looks like they have some cool stuff..couldnt find pricing tho.Some good looking items there
I can't say if they are a good option but they are a difficult company to contact, once an order is placed your emails are totally ignored.Doesnt present the wonderful customer service they advertise.
I guess when I posted this last night I had just gotten done cruising through the Decware forums where there’s a pretty high level of something verging on a secret society/cult of folks who are deep into Dec-world and all of their products. Looking back on it today, I don’t have the same feelings of frustration as I did yesterday. Apologies,  millercarbon. I am what they call a “newb”. 

I wrote to Decware several days ago about a product and haven’t heard anything back as of yet so I get what dvc27 is saying. Now I’m neck deep in researching other small tube amp manufacturers/rebuilders! I had no idea there were so many!