Decware and “The List”



Again , no one cares.....  show the world you have a shread of decency and offer Chip your Decware at a decent price...

I can remember when I ordered a couple Randall knives and had to wait 2 years for them.  Of course they were worth the wait.  I am currently #1496 and happy to have the opportunity to "eventually" receive a 300B. This is a quality product that is in high demand.  I think my wait is probably 2 more years added to the 6 months I've currently waited and I'm okay with that.

I would love to check out some Decware gear.  Missed a local used phono stage not long ago.  The seller said if I had reached out a half hour earlier it would have been mine!  Kicking myself, but not too hard.  🤔

It sounds like they have a great product and company.  But.... I've sent 3 emails now through their site and haven't heard back yet.  I get it, they are very busy.  I may just take the plunge and purchase and get on the wait list.  3.5 yrs? lol

I'm not too far from them.  Maybe they would let me come and help out building my phono stage to speed things up a bit?  😁

My issue with Decware is this … don’t tell me it’s 18 months with 2100 people on the List when your monthly production is less than 60 units.  Math doesn’t lie, that’s over a three year wait.  The list is growing faster than they can build and that’s a bad thing.   The Steve G review will only put them further behind. Didn’t they learn anything from the last two reviews of the UFO84?

  They should just say look, we don’t want to sacrifice quality it will be 2 1/2 to 3 years .. are you still in ?    



when my time comes I hope to be able to face it as you are: with dignity and gratitude. Thank you for sharing and putting things in perspective.