Decware HDT Tower Speakers

A'gon member Intrepid47 raves about these speakers, and I'm just curious as to whether or not other members have auditioned and/or owned them? If so, what amps have you mated with them?

Thanks for the input.

Steve was very helpful on the phone, and quite generous with his time. I've written him to see if there is anyone in the NorCal area with these speakers. I'd really like to hear them.

Try posting on the Decware forum for others in your area that may be willing to let you audition. Members on this forum are very helpful.

Although I have never heard the HDT's, I have owned a couple of their amps and was/am extremely impressed.

good luck, Paul
I own a pair of HDT Tower speakers. I have driven them with a few high quality, low powered tube amps (Dr. Bottlehead and Transcendent Audio). They have great space reproduction, clarity and fill the harmonic envelope. They come as close to the live experience as anything I have heard, including some of the biggies which will go unnamed.