Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!

I brought my electrician out to my house today to show him where I would like to install a dedicated 20a circuit for my system.  He laughed and said that's the stupidest thing he's heard and laughs when people talk about it.  It said, if you're going to do it, you have to have it separately grounded (shoving a new 8 foot rod into the ground) but even then, he sees no way there can be an audible improvement.

Now, he's not just an electrician though. He rebuilds tube amps on the side and tears apart amps and such all the time so he's quite well versed in audio electronics and how they operate.

He basically said anyone who thinks they hear a difference is fooling themselves.  

Personally, I'm still not sure, I'm no engineer, my room's not perfect, and I can't spend hours on end critical listening...  But, he does kinda pull me farther to the "snake oil" side and the "suggestive hearing" side (aka, you hear an improvement because you want to hear it).

I'm not taking a side here but I thought it was interesting how definitive he was that this not only WILL not make a difference but ALMOST CANNOT make a difference. 
Not true I have over 45 years in this and my good friend is a master electrician and Audiophile. I have.20 amp circuit  Awg 10 with a silver contact circuit breakers , and dual grounds one is totally isolated - insulated ground which seperates ground from 
other things in the chain. It for sure it is noticably betterSounding.
outlets are also solid copper,gold plated as well as all furutech,WBT connectors copper gold throughout the whole system a very noticable upgrade vs brass contacts,and zinc outlets  by a lot.
I wouldn’t listen to somebody that didn’t know what he was talking about. For 1, did he check to see how many amps you were drawing with everything running on that circuit? Of course not!
Was he concerned about eliminating any noise on the line from appliances? No!
Decades ago, I had an electrician friend put a device on my circuit that had my stereo (Smaller system than what I have now), computer and lights And I was pulling over 10 amps on a 15 amp circuit. Ever since, I have had multiple dedicated 20 amp circuits in my audio room. It’s pretty cheap to do when you are building a new house
Where do you find a silver contact circuit breaker? Is this a special version that GE or Square D makes? Im curious I also have 10 gauge wire in my system.
Happy Listening
Tell your electrician to come here for explanation.

Remind him that guitar amplifier sound is NOT what hi-fi amplifiers are desperately trying to reproduce. If you listen to piano concertos, that is.
Sparky is wrong. Just get an Rf detector and listen to all the stuff coming through your a/c line. I have a dedicated 20 amp line with an audioquest Edison 20 amp outlet and a furman power conditioner. Anyone who comes over and listens to my system can’t believe the amount of detail they can hear. I tell them there’s no noise in the system. I’m a firm believer in eliminating as much noise from your system as possible. Let the music come through. Get another sparky.