Hello All. I'm considering upgrading my Marantz CD5005 cd player. I have enough silver disks to warrant treating them right. The Marantz has been ok but getting longer in tooth. I was curious as to what my fellow 'Goners have heard in the above price range that represent good values (new or used is fine). Amp is a Rogue Sphinx and speakers are new Magnepan MMGi's. Listening tastes are blues, classic rock and a smattering of jazz...Input appreciated...
Definitely get a 105. I've seen some used ones ~ $900

If you're big ito CDs...

Then go to ebaye and get 2 DIY items (the hardest part if making sure to mark which screws go where on the damn chassis cover and the one board that mst be removed from the backplate. Not to worry, easy picture instructions are available
I would buy a DAC and use the 5005 as a transport. Consider future possible uses when shopping for the DAC. Will add flexibility to system.
I also agree that keeping the same CD player and adding a DAC makes sense. If the current player finally starts acting up, they're mechanical - it's inevitable, you shouldn't be in that much of a bind to find another hi-end transport/CD player. Also most DACs can be tied to multiple sources.

I'd try to avoid using a universal disc player unless your plan is to integrate this into a video system. There are some good ones out  there but they remain more video than music oriented as far as operation is concerned.
As it's the disc-drive in the CD player that is likely the first thing to do, for simple longevity I don't see how keeping the current player and getting a DAC is the best option.  If you're confident in the Marantz, OK.  But I have to say this: a few years ago I got a new Cambridge transport and a new Schiit Gungnir and a Wireworld connection and put them up against my distinctly long-in-the-tooth Bryston BCD-1.  The Bryston still resides in the main system, and the combo in the secondary.  You may need to go higher up the DAC scale to get a significantly noticeable improvement in sound.
If you want to try streaming look for a used Cambridge 851N. You’re going to need to figure a little extra for a good digital cable and maybe a couple nice digital power cables to get the best out of your transport and the 851N so the cost just keeps going up. If you’re not at all interested in streaming and only need a two channel player then the Cambridge 851C is pretty darn good. I am waiting for the final production run of the Oppo 205 to see if it’s what some say it is but my gut’s telling me its probably a fine Swiss Army player but for two channel my 851C will be better but I’ll hold judgment until I get mine before I say ignore used Oppo’s over the Cambridge. I can tell you the Cambridge 851C is outstanding and the better the cables the better. I’m also thinking of picking up the Bluesound Vault II for streaming and try it on its own or run it through my 851C which I’ve already picked up a Nordost Silver Shadow to do so. The Vault II might be a good option as well as others mentioned. Look for a used Cambridge 851C. If you buy used you’ll get more and if you don’t like it you will not lose much if any to resale.