Dedicated circuits? Bldng a new house. Help.

I am in the process of having a house built. I have a 50/50 theater/music system, mostly all Linn stuff, and I am very ignorant about electrical power. My stuff is all currently plugged into a Tice power conditioner, except the amps are plugged directly into the wall. I do not have ANY dedicated circuits. They are all sharing.

I have 2 amps,processor,dvd player,cd player,xbox 360, cable box,and a plasma.

Since I am building, obviously this is the time to do what I need to do. So please help. How many dedicated circuits? What plugs into each one? What do I do with the Tice? What kind of outlets?

you are in a great position. In a perfect world, run a line for each component you have. If not possible, then as amany as possible...rule of thiumb is to usually keep digital,analog, and high current devices (power amos, power supplies, etc separate). As for the conditioner, ive never used one and have found no reason to do so. I have 2 dedicated lines, each with 20amp circuits. into them i plugged 1 naim strip (the kind that do nothing, no power button, surgge protection, as they worsen the sound). then into each stip i have my gear plugged into them...separating digital and analog. i used 12/2 romex, and simply bought hospital grade receptacles (lots of discussions here about high end/high cost receptacles...although much praise has been given to Albert Porter a search if interested.hope this helps
Just get one good 20 amp plug in your HT room for the audio to plug the Tice into...

Since there are so many different things you can do with the power coming into your house, my recommendation is to get three different types of power conditioners, each running on their own dedicated circuits. Not necessarily these particular brands/types but start with your Tice as being one, then get maybe an Exactpower, and maybe one more, say an Equitech for balanced power. Then add at least two dedicated circuits. With all these various connections available, your chances are pretty good that you will be able to "dial in" your system. It may seem excessive, but you need to make the best atttempt upfront in order to really know you've made your best effort.
Dedicated lines and their guage, conditioners plugged into them, and the quality of the ground all make a difference. All of this can get pretty expensive so you will have to decide how far to go.

I would get dedicated lines put in with quality and heavy guage wire used. A quality ground can make a difference, but I have yet to try this. I have tried 47 different conditioners, including your present one, and prefer the IsoClean thus far. It is expensive, but to me worth it.

Quality wall plugs also make a difference.

There is enormous difference of opinion on conditioners and wall plugs as well as power cords.