Dedicated lines- need break in?

Surely a, stupid question of the day!
Finally had 2X 20 amp dedicated lines installed with Oyaide outlets with isolated grounds. Hooked up sources and preamp to the lines to start with......, and sound is much clearer and as a result slightly on thinner side (in comparison, although still anything but analytical). I know it is not Oyaide outlets because I had them connected on regular lines and they sounded warmer. (I have electrician coming back today to try out different phase than the refrigerator, ac, microwave etc. to check if the current in phase circuit breaker is not causing the change in sound)

So the question is, in your experience, the new 20 amp lines need to be broken in? How long does it need to be? or what could be the cause?


I see as per usual some who profess that no difference exists between cables are again entering into a discussion regarding the "subjective" difference between cables (in this case cables running in-wall). Surprise surprise the ones who hear no difference in wires hear no difference in dedicated circuit break-in.

Yes dedicated circuits break in and over a several week period. I usually wait at least one month to allow any change in my system to settle down before making another change or before fine tuning my last change. This allows time to reflect, prevents costly mistakes by not addressing a still moving target, and to enjoy my system instead of constant fussing and that's a good thing :)
After getting 2 dedicated 15a lines I will admit after 100 hrs they sounded much better and at 200 hrs really good. I didn't get 20a for I do not want much more power draw than I already have. I also added a 2.4 kva balanced isolation transformer to 1 line. Just a little better than with out it. Can't figure out why but to some degree it's similar to speaker cables - ic's and power cords I guess. That has been my personal experience.
why not see it as a golden opportunity to do an experiment: get the best field recording set up you can and make a recording from a designated spot, with all the levels noted. do the same in a couple weeks, duplicating all the details, and see if you can detect any difference. if the difference is detectable to the human ear, there's a pretty decent chance you'll be able to hear it on a (good quality) recording. fwiw.
[quote]I didn't get 20a for I do not want much more power draw than I already have[quote/]

Your system won't draw more power because it's on a 20amp circuit. It will only use what it needs. If it needed more it would trip the breaker on the 15amp service.