Dedicated lines/surge protectors?

with all this talk of dedicated lines, it just occured to me, do you guys use one surge protector for each outlet? It seems silly to go to all the trouble and expense of adding 4 sepeparate 20amp cicuits for my main system components, and then plug them all into the same surge protector?
Hi Wdi:
MOV's are available from Radio Shack. Mouser Electronics, Digikey also likely. I buy mine in that specific model from industrial suppliers such as Newark Elecronics or Allied Electroncis.
You ought to check on surgex products. They use a series approach to surge protection and their emi/rf filtering is impedance tolerant. They have a product that provides protection for dedicated lines/breaker box, but they also have free standing units as well.
Well, I am now seriously in the market for some surge protection. I lived in the SF Bay Area for most of the past 20 years, where there simply isn't any significant lightning. Now that I live in rural Virginia, I've lost at least two components to lightning surges in the past month, and I'm suspicious that the damage to one other one (a VERY expensive one fortunately coverged under warrantee) might be surge related. Last night, ironically, my PS Audio Power Director got fried - yes, it is supposed to be a surge protector itself. (And probably it did its job, since the upstream components are still OK, but it's no cheap component for repair, either.) This is serious!

Does anyone have experience with the items listed above?