Dedicated phono-pre for MM only?

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the subject of phono-pres, specifically 'adapted' to MM came up in some related postings.

IF, and only if, MMs are much to ones liking --- why spend your buck on some 'halve backed' 60dB plus, MC gain requirement, stage? Why not consider put the $$$ into a TOP 40dB gain stage of either SS or tube?

Raul had more thoughs on the subject as he mentioned before, and might share, why he knows that a TOP MM compared to MC stage circuit requirement might NOT be -one suit fits all-.

There could even be a nice argument to fit a tube gain stage only into an otherwise SS only system!?

Again, the $buck saved on the 20dB plus circuitry could be translated into the BEST circuit for an MM.
I realise, that most such stages were simply fitted inside some older TOP pre-amps, (e.g. Jadis...).
I have not come across a **dedicated** , current 40dB stage neither in nor outside a pre-amp.

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Hi, Raul, I was wondering about the design of the 3160: What level of gain is bult into the LOMC side of the preamp? It seems that 60 dB or so is the typical level of gain for many (most?) LOMC stages and I was curious what you use in the 3160. Thank you for your time.

Dear Tom: Yes we use 60 db too in the MC phono stage circuit and we can get, on the whole/overall Phonolinepreamplifier, ( changing the line stage gain ) easy 90 db, I never have the necessity to go to a higher total gain.

Normally 60 db is enough for almost any LOMC cartridge. I own the Ortofon MC- 2000 that is very low output ( 0.05 mv. ) and I can handle very good with very low noise/distortions, yes the Esential attenuators has to be around 3.0 o'clock for around 83-84db on SPL in my system.

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Thank you for the reply, Raul. You and the others have been kind in answering all my questions. Based on what I've learned here I feel comfortable that I can make more informed decisions in future phono preamp purchases. Compromises abound in audio components to meet the needs of price, performance, and convenience, and I'm getting a better sense of what to look for.

In my list of candidate MM phono stages posted 6/26, I neglected to include the Graham Slee Gold Era Reflex (hope I got the long name right). The Reflex was specifically designed for MM and HOMC. Further, it got great reviews from some respected sources, including M Fremer. It's a bit odd in that it uses active RIAA equalization, but Kirkus has espoused that approach also. (The more common gospel is that passive RIAA is better sounding than active.) Earlier in this thread, someone dismissed this or one of the other Graham phono pres as not being "as good as" a Jadis, without naming the particular Jadis preamp he was referrring to. As I have never been a fan of any Jadis product, I am keeping an open mind on the Graham. Has anyone been able to audition this product (the Gold Reflex) in a system driven by an MM cartridge? (There is an optional accessory, the Elevator, which adds the necessary gain for an LOMC. One would prefer to know what the Reflex sounds like without this add-on.) Thanks for any comments.
I have both the Reflex and the Elevator. I first used the Reflex alone with an Ortofon 2M Black. It sounded great! Then, I added the Elevator and Ortofon Kontrapunkt B. This is an outstanding setup and is highly detailed and refined sounding. To my ears, this combination is transparent across the frequency spectrum, very dynamic, and with no detectable glare, distortion, or other audible anomolies. The Reflex and 2M Black are certainly a nice pairing and I could live happily with them, but adding the Elevator and Kontrapunkt B sounds even better to me and is worth the money. The Elevator is nice in that it has easily accessible switches on the front panel for adjusting MC loading. I have settled on 100 ohms for my MC cartridge. I should also state that Graham Slee himself is very responsive to any questions you may have. You can contact him via the Graham Slee web site's link to their own discussion board. I am very pleased with my Graham Slee units and have no desire to look elsewhere.