Dedicated SACD players with digital inputs?

I'm interested in upgrading my Benchmark DAC1, but I'd also like to buy a SACD player, so combining the 2 would be ideal. My list so far includes:

Esoteric SA-50
McIntosh MCD-500
Wadia 781i
Cary 306 Pro
Cary 303T

Any other comparable players that I'm missing from this list? I'm not interested in universal/dvd players like the Linn Unidisk. Multichannel is also not necessary.
Thanks Mhedges. I thought about Marantz, but I think only their lower end SACD model has digital inputs (SA8004). None of their reference series have them as of yet, and I doubt the 8004's DACs will be that much of an improvement over my Benchmark.

One other caveat: I'm not interested in players that do not have at least one 24/192 input. That's why the Luxman D-5 is not on the list.
I've got the Esoteric, and I think it's awesome. In addition to SACD, CD, and DAC functions, it also reclocks so if you a using a Sonos or a SB Touch, it is an excellent addition.
Dhoff01 -

You may want to double-check. I thought the marantz reference series player had digital ins.

The Marantz Reference SA-15S2 has an optical digital input - no coax. The higher reference models don't have any digital inputs. I wish my SA-11S2 had digital ins, but it's still a wonderful player on redbook and SACD.
Interesting. A quick check to their website shows that even Marantz's description of the SA-15s2 lacks any mention of a digital input, yet a picture of the back panel clearly shows one. I wonder if it offers much improvement over my Benchmark.

You have to think moving forward all brands will start considering adding digital inputs. It's really a no brainer..