Dedicated SACD players with digital inputs?

I'm interested in upgrading my Benchmark DAC1, but I'd also like to buy a SACD player, so combining the 2 would be ideal. My list so far includes:

Esoteric SA-50
McIntosh MCD-500
Wadia 781i
Cary 306 Pro
Cary 303T

Any other comparable players that I'm missing from this list? I'm not interested in universal/dvd players like the Linn Unidisk. Multichannel is also not necessary.
The Marantz Reference SA-15S2 has an optical digital input - no coax. The higher reference models don't have any digital inputs. I wish my SA-11S2 had digital ins, but it's still a wonderful player on redbook and SACD.
Interesting. A quick check to their website shows that even Marantz's description of the SA-15s2 lacks any mention of a digital input, yet a picture of the back panel clearly shows one. I wonder if it offers much improvement over my Benchmark.

You have to think moving forward all brands will start considering adding digital inputs. It's really a no brainer..

I totally agree. Anybody who puts out a high end CDP or universal player without a digital input is just plain dumb, IMO.
IMHO, the best SACD Player with digital input is APL HiFi.
Not cheap but if you will keep it for 10 years then its worth its cost