Deep Audio Therapy: The California Audio Show

This weekend, starting on Friday Aug 15, at the Westin SFO, you need to join your fellow Bay Area audiophile nut-cases for a dose of deep audiophile rejuvenation therapy at the California Audio Show. Admit it. You need it... we all do.

At this show, you will be surrounded with opportunities to listen, discuss and evaluate high-end systems and configurations by manufactures and dealers showcasing some of the most intriguing high performance audio equipment in the world! This is good, clean fun – like kids in an audio candy store for three whole days. We really can't wait.

When you get tired of walking the show and need to rest, stop in to room #358, the Hospitality Suite of the San Francisco Audiophile Society for an on-going gathering of like-minded folk who understand your obsession with great sound and truly wonderful recordings.

Yeah, it's true, there's always a lot to do... but this week-end, postpone cleaning out your garage just one more time and come join us.

Alón Sagee
President and Chief Trouble-Maker
San Francisco Audiophile Society Dot Com
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