Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?

It has happened again. Major tweak and record provider has available a steam cleaner made especially for records. Anybody try steam for cleaning lp’s? What were your results? Since a unit can be had for about $20 at Target, 15% of what the tweak provider is charging, is it worth a try?.
Gentlemen, I can't thank you enough...I don't recall the last time I laughed this much...Zenblaster may have been a tad remiss...this is not self adulation but more like self flagellation...
Tvad lead in the cord what else is China dropping on us. At least you took the time to read the label. Thanks for the info. I will be tossing my Perfection as well. Lets find another steamer thats a fit for our quest of the cleanest vinyl possible that won't sneak up and kill us. How in the hell can our so political correct government let this kind of BS go on is beside me. Again many thanks for the very important information.
I don't want to downplay peoples concerns over lead but I think this is another fear possibly being blown out of proportion. Did you know that the same warning is posted on the little Christmas lights most of us hang on our trees.(also made in China) The recommendation to wash your hands following use should be adequate to protect from any slight dander this may pose. The situation is more serious in the children's toys we've all heard about recently because kids often have their fingers in their mouths while playing with the same toys. Walgreen's wouldn't unload a dangerous product at reduced prices and risk class action law suite. They would issue a recall if they thought it was warranted. Until this happens I'll continue using my Perfection steamer unless something more effective is found.
I agree that for some time now this thread has been seeming to take a somewhat paranoid or delusional turn. I've occasionally questioned my own state of mind for participating as well. I would urge all to refrain from personal attacks on any one person's sanity though. I have yet to meet anyone who couldn't be considered crazy in some way. We all spend our spare time obsessing over records after all.
I have been looking for lead in my power cord for years. (Sorry, that was just too easy).
I am sending this link to Larry David.
This is one of the most bizarre/funny threads that I have ever read. I can not wait to log on everyday. What a script, what characters! Priceless.
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