Definitely lonely to be an audiophile

Today Ricardo Arjona is broadcasting a virtual concert, I know most of you English natives don't care, but let's imagine is someone you like from "these" times, English speaking artist.

The neighbors have a crappy TV streaming the concert, really bad quality, my wife is upstairs watching on TV, really bad as well.

I do like his songs so I'm in my living room listening to his previous Hires records, on my super system, and I can hear next door the TV broadcasting and I'm wondering what the heck, am I crazy, I rather be alone enjoying the sound from previous Hires recordings, than socially sharing that "noise", it does makes me lonely though, I like social interactions, it is who I am, but definitely being an audiophile makes you an outcast. Just another dilemma, acceptance is bliss
Good night everybody


Your career interests me because our arenas seem to have some commonality.  If you'd like to share details, please send me a private message.  If not, I understand perfectly.  I've only exchanged private messages with one member so far!

It used to frustrate me not being able to share my passion of audio with my family. Lonely indeed. However, my dad liked Atlantic City a lot and went there weekly. (He passed in 2015). He blew enough money to get good comps like free concert tickets. I was surprised when he started attending the shows. He took in a Moody Blues show. He talked for weeks about how much he enjoyed it! A cool moment for me for him to share that. Joe
“The neighbors have a crappy TV streaming the concert, really bad quality,”

One does not know what one does not know. For example, If an individual has only driven a Yugo, would they understand a Tesla?

     Buy your wife a used receiver and speakers or something.  If you can't put something together that is acceptable for television watching with your wife, you should be ashamed.   A shrink might be able to cure you of your OCD enough to allow you to succumb to your psychosis of not being able to accept that there is another problem driving it.  You don't have to continually look for faults in a system, especially to the point that it curtails sharing an experience with a loved one. 
     My Television plays into a Rotel pre-amp tuner I bought of Craigslist for $30, including shipping, using an old Bryston amp.   At first, the pre-amp sounded to terrible that I was going to trash it,  but I needed the remote and tone controls.  It plays through my 41 year old, stand mount B&W two and a half ways, and has burned in very nicely, i.e. My ears and brain have adapted to hear its good qualities over the bad.  My bedroom TV has smaller stand mount B&W's powered by an entry level Audire Legato pushing an Adcom 60 wpc amp ($50, Craigslist), which  was also very disappointing, at first.  I can always go the the good system to really enjoy music, but I am not psychotic about being the necessity of being a tweaky nut case who is so terribly insecure that he cannot fathom listening anything that is less than perfect.Give this to your wife, along with a used receiver, etc, and speakers.