Definition of "redbook" and "Prat" ?

Nubee looking for definitions. Thanks Dave
Redbook is the standard that Philips and Sony came up with for the spec of CDs. Including length of playing time. Around 650 MB, I believe. The 700 MB ones aren't Redbook, technically. Usually can be read on a Redbook conforming unit, but that leaves them an out if it doesn't.

PRAT means "pace, rhythm, and timing". Commonly believed to have its origin with NAIM fanatics, as a way to describe how well it does (or doesn't) achieve some imaginary audiophile quality. IOW, some nonsense they concocted to differentiate its performance, relative to other brands. Not much in favour on the US side of the Big Pond.
SONY literaly had (has) a book that was red in color with specs for CD at the start of the CD era.
You know that your system has PRAT, if your foot keeps tapping, and you can keep listening for hours on end!
PRAT - I know the acronym and the foot tapping reference. I certainly know about how some systems set your foot tapping and some leave you cold. But Pacing, Rhythm, and Timing? I don't understand how this is affected by the reproduction equipment. These are all time based terms and no system is so bad that it would affect them.
Prat is a misnomer, IMHO. It describes the feeling you get from a highly dynamic system with excellent frequency response. The electronics don't significantly change actual ryhthm or timing. However, you get a perception of better rhythm and timing when no frequencies are compressed and the system easily produces dynamic range at all frequencies, at least IMHO.