Definitive Answer Re Japanese Luxman's

I've searched all the various forums and have yet to find a definitive answer regarding the Luxman's that can be purchased from Japan that operate on 100V.  Many have said that some models of certain years have secondary 120V taps whereas others (such as Luxman Japan) seem to be ambiguous and say that they are only for Japanese market but don't indicate the presence of the 120 secondaries.  There are a few posts out there that show the secondary windings and I've even seen a schematic that indicates "universal voltage converter" or something like that.  Does anyone have direct experience with these 100v units - do they all have universal voltage taps, are there certain models/model years that cannot be converted?  Looking for feedback from users who have first hand knowledge as opposed to general "just use a voltage converter".  I would have a technician do this (I also believe it would need a slight rebias), but I'd like to know if its even possible before I pull the trigger.  Yes I am aware of warranty void / repair issues, etc.  Thanks


I can tell you that my 507ux absolutely does not have adjustable taps.

It is my understanding from other members that generally Luxman does not, but Accuphase does.

As I think you understand, this feature has be built into the product by providing a primary power transformer that has the necessary connections.

This isn't saying that I know 100% of all Luxman or all Accuphase, so it may be useful to specify exactly which model you are thinking about.

I’ve also looked at buying less expensive Japanese voltage components to work in the USA, but came to the conclusion that I’d need a transformer which may degrade the sonics unless the manufacturer specifically has the voltage conversion feature built in.  If it’s not in the specs, I’m assuming other voltages are not supported.