Dehavilland 50A has anyone purchased one?

I see there have been a couple of previous posts regarding the 50A or hearing it at the last RMAF, but has anyone actually purchased the 50A? Any thoughts?

I've talked to Kara about the Aries 845, but due to my rather large listening room she suggested that the 50A has a little more authority in the bass and mid-bass and is equally as sweet. I don't know, there's really something special about those 845 tubes.

Thanks for an opinions or insights...
Soundsreally is a DH dealer.

Take his words with a grain of salt in that regard.

A disclosure is essential when commenting on components in your line. To not do it is unprofessional.
I know Jim of Sounds Real quite well. I do believe that by using the name of his business (Sounds Real Audio) as his user name, Jim did make a disclosure of his interest. And, it is not like Dpe asked about Spectron and Jim told him to look at DH. Dpe asked about two DH amps and Jim told him about the two DH amps (and btw recommended the less expensive one). Who better to comment than a DH dealer? Not a fair criticism IMHO.
Sorry shredded, that won't cut it.

If you search the threads you'll see dozens and dozens of monikers with the words "audio", "sounds", "stereo", "analog", etc attached to them.

Don't be an apologist because you know the guy.

Tradespersons need to disclose their interest when discussing a product in which a financial interest is involved.
You are quick to criticize others.
Why do you not disclose that YOU are a dealer/tradesperson yourself? (Who does not carry Dehavilland)