Deja Vu all over again

The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young remastered album is available on Qobuz for streaming at 192kHz 24bit.  It sounds great.  I have the original vinyl that I bought in the late 70s.  This remastered version has a very crisp clean sound with good soundstage depth and width.  I especially like the song, "Almost Cut my Hair". The song seems almost comical to me at the beginning but the mood changes for me as the song continues into a serious and good discussion.
I believe this digital version has little to no compression since I have my preamp volume set at 50 for my normal listening level.  Compare that to some pop albums on Qobuz at 44kHz 16bit that I play at a volume level of 27-33.
I believe the compression level is proportional to the volume level I use for my normal listening level.  For example, ROON shows the dynamic range of each of my CDs that I have ripped as FLAC files into my Library.  I see dynamic range as low as 8 and as high as 18.  The 18 is for a Telarc CD and is exceptional.  I notice my volume level for normal listening level is correlating to this Dynamic Range value.  Of course the higher dynamic range recordings have some nice loud peaks.

Art for the sake of art.  The Heart albums may be somewhat compressed but I still think they are some of the best sounding rock albums of that era.  I can accept them for what they are.  For example, the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Session.  I love that album and the sound.  Sure, it is imperfect but that is it’s charm and emotion.  If you read the story about the making of that album, the recording engineer was rushed for time and didn’t get the session set up like he would have wanted.  Recently, that recording engineer remastered the Trinity Session and tried to fix some of the problems with the recording.  I almost bought that new record but then I thought, no I love it as it is.  I don’t want some redone reimagined version.  
tonywinga"According to that database my 1970s pressings of Fleetwood Mac have a dynamic range equivalent to digital."

What on earth is it that you intend to say, convey or express this makes no sense.
Because according to that database, the 1975 vinyl has an avg DR of 13 same as the CD from 1990. 

According to that database my 1970s pressings of Fleetwood Mac have a dynamic range equivalent to digital. I didn’t realize that. So my 50 year old records are a good reference. Good thing I’ve kept my analog rig up to date.

Yes but pity the stereo channel separation is 70% better on CD than vinyl.
For vinyl just 30db at 1khz and almost mono in the bass and around 20db in the highs. CD 120db all through the range. And then there’s the noise difference🤦‍♂️

Cheers George