Delbert McClinton!

Okay I’m a little late to the table on Delbert
but ran across his new album on tidal. 
‘Prick of the Litter’

Then I found this

Wow what a show!

Well dig in on this new found treasure, he is the real deal. One of the last of the roundhouse belters and we are so lucky here in Texas that we get to see him often and we do. If just getting started with him and need some direction get the Live In Austin album on Alligator records to start but truthfully everything is worth listening to. Thanks for that heads up of him on Live from Daryls House, big fan of that program but missed that one, will have to check that out. Another noticeable that I had never heard of from Daryls House is Elie Paperboy Reed, check him out also, would love to hear Elie do a cover album of my James Brown favorites. Enjoy the music.
BTW the Delbert from Daryl’s House is a 2 hour show not the format you typically see on TV. His band is just excellent and Delbert is in total control the whole time.

Yeah just noticed it was @ his restaurant/ honky tonk bar, I believe in the Phillie area right?
My "dream" live performance would be to see Delbert, Joe Ely, and Tom Russell on the same stage.
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