Delbert McClinton!

Okay I’m a little late to the table on Delbert
but ran across his new album on tidal. 
‘Prick of the Litter’

Then I found this

Wow what a show!

BTW the Delbert from Daryl’s House is a 2 hour show not the format you typically see on TV. His band is just excellent and Delbert is in total control the whole time.

Yeah just noticed it was @ his restaurant/ honky tonk bar, I believe in the Phillie area right?
My "dream" live performance would be to see Delbert, Joe Ely, and Tom Russell on the same stage.
I saw Delbert 2X in Atlanta, always a houserockin' good time!  He released Live in 2003, great record, this was the show I saw!  With Marcia Ball as the opening act, whatanight!!!;)
Delbert McClinton has forgotten more about music than most musicians will ever know. 
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