Denafrips Ares ii

I am considering a Denafrips Ares ii dac and have a few questions that I am hoping owners of this dac can answer.

1 What is the cost of import taxes and/or fees?

2 Is it as dimensional as a tube dac?

3 Two reviews thought the highs were edgy. What has been your experience with the treble on this dac?

My system:
Unison Research Triode 25
Audio Physics Classic 10
Bluesound Node 2i
Cambridge Audio CXC
Paradigm Seismic 10
Black Ice Audio DSD



Honestly this review and comparison makes me think you heard a damaged Ares or had problems elsewhere in your system.

Honestly if such comment is true, then all low end dacs compared to higher end dacs are damaged, and higher end system are problematic. Hahahaha


On a serious note, for the money of the Ares II, personally, I’ll be willing give this one a shot instead. Dual WM8741, comes with AES digital input and XLR/RCA outputs.



Or alternatively, this one from Dual 9038 Pro, XLR/RCA outputs, BT capable. Options to select femto clock version or femto clock with II2S input. At half the price of Ares II.


So if anyone here understand Chinese, Taobao offers a very big range of brands and configs to choose from, and range of prices too.

One question I have for you Denafrips DAC owners, from top to bottom.

I have heard it said numerous times about lengthy break in-burn in.

Have any of you noticed any such additional need of "waking up", if for say you unplugged this unit for a day or week?

Does the degree of the quality of sound depend on being powered, or in standby continuously?

Like it's a Krell FPB-600 or Tube Gear-etc?


Does the degree of the quality of sound depend on being powered, or in standby continuously?

I used to put mine in stand-by, but recently have just left it on. Nothing really to go bad by doing so unused.

I spin mostly vinyl, but can’t say I’ve realized any real ‘warm up’ time when awakening it from stand-by.

I leave mine on all the time, the lights are so small, can barely tell they are on...