Denafrips Ares II - Why did you sell?

Lots of people are buying this DAC but many are also selling in the used market. Surely everyone isn't "moving up" in the product line. Where did you end up? 


@djspinner i think that's a good point. It's what I did. I bought the Ares II pre-owned and sold it again for the same price I bought it for, minus PayPal charge of course. 

The Aries II (which I have) hold their value extremely well. I could at least sell mine for what I paid for it, if not more. Thus, I think it would be easy to sell it knowing that you will get your entire investment back, (and not take a 30-50% hit like most components), and move up to the Pontus, or another ‘even better’ DAC.

I think there are many who will like the idea of buying these used ‘locally’ vs new, albeit I don’t think the wait for a new one is all that bad.

I wouldn’t buy a used Topping. Apos gives you 2 years warrantee with a prepaid USPS label for replacement if it breaks. Used you have to find an electronic waste facility.

I love mine. I have several, some that i am protyping as well.

At its price, its just killer.


I will comment on the above post that it was not better than the BlueSound Node.  Having done multi-person comparisons the Bluesound < $99 schiit Modi 3 < several mid priced DACs < Allo Revolution (ok, that's a DIY kit, buyer beware!, but quite good) < Denefrips.  Both of my prototypes are slightly better, but only slightly (of course, they are dogs' breakfasts at the moment too).


But the bottom line is that i would not put those two in the same zip code the Denefrips is so much better.  of course, you need a really good system to hear all this.


Its trade-offs: warmth, possibly at the expense of some detail, but there's plenty of detail!  Just not "fake" detail courtesy of a rising high end, favored, i think, but old men with progressive HF hearing loss.


Soundstage size is not as good as the absolute best, but we are talking 10X the price and more.


Lots of people experiment and find that's half the fun. Lots of people also can't hear.