Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update

In case there are any Denafrips DAC owners out there that are not aware of the FPGA Firmware Update, here's the link:

I did the update on my Ares II earlier today and am currently enjoying the results.  It is definitely an improvement without question.


I have a Pontus II in my secondary system which I did the recent FPGA firmware update for and I found the sound quality changes to be sweeping improvements. Very happy with it, and hearing similar results in quality to what most here have been saying. I'm using the NOS mode now instead of the OS mode because it sounds good. Has it been confirmed by Vinshine Audio that this DAC now features a true non-oversampling mode with the recent firmware update?

I just updated my Pontus II that was running with a Lumin U1 Mini.

It used to make a popping sound once in a while and now that is gone. In addition the overall sound is noticeably better.

The software and driver install was a PITA in Windows. Ended up doing it on a Mac which was a little easier process.

I haven't heard a difference from the upgrade on my Ares II.  Denafrips confirmed I did the upgrade successfully, and said it may take time to "burn in"  (really?  firmware?  I find that hard to believe, although the fact that the DAC had to be powered down to do the update could have a short-term effect until it warms back up.) 

I've enjoyed a wide and deep soundstage from the Ares II before the upgrade; having Apogee Duetta II planar speakers helps in that department (even the height of the soundstage is excellent).

I've listened to familiar hi-rez classical Qobuz files from my Bluesound Node (the current version) and familiar classical SACDs and well-recorded CDs.

The rest of my system is quite high-quality if somewhat vintage, if you check out my system.

Congrats to those of you who have benefited from the upgrade.  I am going to try an AudioQuest power cable with the Ares II--I expect that could make a clear difference that the firmware upgrade didn't.



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After reading some saying a little brighter and not as organic has anyone decided to hold up on the update? I was planning on doing an update on my Pontus 2 this weekend but may hold off until more have spoken up on their results.
    I’m very happy with the detail and bass I’m getting now if I need more Im guessing I can change out cables or tubes. Gaining better bass and sound stage is very appealing but if at the cost of losing it’s natural presentation it is a concern for me. I’m sure there is no going back after update.

so… yeah…I updated last Sunday…strictly for the improved sonics, as I had no tech issues…and after listening extensively…for me…I am experiencing greater clarity…some positives…but as of right now there can be a glassiness in the highs. Symbols sound better but the overall sound in the highs with certain recordings can be synthetic sounding… The DAC NEVER had this quality before. There Is a discussing going on at Head-Fi about this. Many of us are having the same experience. A member there has talked with Alvin and said that we can return our DACs to the previous firmware. I am going to give mine some more "burn-in" and see if the sound changes…but if not I am going to reload the old firmware.

That thread is here:

@bobo1000 I am exactly in the same boat with you: the experienced “glassiness” and the will to wait for burn in and see the improvements. 

If not, then I wish to go back to the previous firmware.