Denafrips Iris12th - signal out to Ares 12th-1

Received my Iris12th today, and struggling to get any signal/audio out.

I've tried I2S, using an AQ Carbon HDMI and ran through the configuration guide, and also used/tried a coax/SPDIF instead; still nothing. I also tried Coax on a nother DAC but nothing. Neither the Ares or other DAC detects a signal.

I use an Innuos streamer, and Sense recognises the Iris no problem, and the display on the Iris changes depending on the resolution of the tracks I'm playing 44.1/48/96 etc, but I just can't get an output from it.

There's next to no settings for the Iris other than the Clock on/off, which is off

I've emailed Vinshine, but I think Singapore maybe asleep right now, so I thought I'd run it by Audiogon in case I'm missing something really obvious, and I'm being a complete clown 🫣

Thanks guys


SOLVED: removed PC from Ares and Iris, left to sit a couple of mins then powered back up -> Bingo! 👍 I2S signal and music 😊

Were everything this easy to fix.  Congrats, and I think you’re really gonna like the sonic improvements from the Iris and i2S.  I have an Iris too and am very impressed and happy with the results.