Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases

Has anyone else noticed the the price of Denafrips Dac's have had two significant price increase in the last 12 month

Yes they did make "upgrade changes" but a 30% increases seems to be excessive

The Pontus 2 went from $1750 to $2,449

I am now having to consider an alternative   your thoughts

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MY decision to buy the Pontus 2 was based on reviews ( yes older models ) which included its ability to provide a very wide and deep sound stage. It was considered better at sound stage than my other choice of a Chord Cutest. Another factor was the Cutest was considered a bit brighter which was something I did not perceive I needed as I have La Scala's for speakers.

As a buyer of a product you want to believe that the manufacture makes changes which increase its basic function not hurt it. But I am old enough to remember  the Ford Edsel . Oh well I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to adding it to my system

I used Exact Copy to create my digital source files and kept the RedBook format of 16/44.1,  I use Audirvana Studio on a Win 10 Pc with 32 gigs or ram to process and play these files. I have found that Audirvana likes more ram when up scaling music files. I will use a USB connection to my new Pontus 2 Dac. Will use XLR out to a Schiit Freya S ( non tube pre-amp ) RCA out to a Decware Mini Torii out via braided wire to my La Scala's and also out to a 26 year old Velodyne 15 sub.

It will be interesting to see if feeding the Pontus 2 an all ready up scaled source or to have the Pontus 2 do the up scaling. Currently, my MiniDSP SHD sounds best when feed a up scaled source even though it downscales to 24/192 in its out put

The MiniDSP will be taken out of my system when the Pontus 2 gets here.

Oh well, it is a journey, but for me when the Pontus 2 gets here it will represent my final system.


To all Thank You for your interest and comments, and Enjoy The Music


@audioman58 I’ve done my research. But it seems you have not and instead choosen to recite a bunch of hearsay.