Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases

Has anyone else noticed the the price of Denafrips Dac's have had two significant price increase in the last 12 month

Yes they did make "upgrade changes" but a 30% increases seems to be excessive

The Pontus 2 went from $1750 to $2,449

I am now having to consider an alternative   your thoughts


MY decision to buy the Pontus 2 was based on reviews ( yes older models ) which included its ability to provide a very wide and deep sound stage. It was considered better at sound stage than my other choice of a Chord Cutest. Another factor was the Cutest was considered a bit brighter which was something I did not perceive I needed as I have La Scala's for speakers.

As a buyer of a product you want to believe that the manufacture makes changes which increase its basic function not hurt it. But I am old enough to remember  the Ford Edsel . Oh well I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to adding it to my system

I used Exact Copy to create my digital source files and kept the RedBook format of 16/44.1,  I use Audirvana Studio on a Win 10 Pc with 32 gigs or ram to process and play these files. I have found that Audirvana likes more ram when up scaling music files. I will use a USB connection to my new Pontus 2 Dac. Will use XLR out to a Schiit Freya S ( non tube pre-amp ) RCA out to a Decware Mini Torii out via braided wire to my La Scala's and also out to a 26 year old Velodyne 15 sub.

It will be interesting to see if feeding the Pontus 2 an all ready up scaled source or to have the Pontus 2 do the up scaling. Currently, my MiniDSP SHD sounds best when feed a up scaled source even though it downscales to 24/192 in its out put

The MiniDSP will be taken out of my system when the Pontus 2 gets here.

Oh well, it is a journey, but for me when the Pontus 2 gets here it will represent my final system.


To all Thank You for your interest and comments, and Enjoy The Music


@audioman58 I’ve done my research. But it seems you have not and instead choosen to recite a bunch of hearsay.

Marco1 if you look at pictures ,reviews from older models they used Better Evo x, Nichicon, and Swiss Elna  Silmic caps ,myself and many in our north eat audio club has owned Denafrips and many much higher quality products ,

I have 40 years in Audio and owned a Audio store ,I forgot more then you will ever know ,so please keep your ignorance to yourself , end of response try doing research spend a few hours in older you tube videos you will learn !!

So now that you've accused manufacturer's of ripping off their customers you've chosen to attack and insult me. Its no wonder you're no longer in the audio business. I have more than 50 years in this hobby but don't need to puff my chest out in an attempt to impress people as you seem to do.  You still have done nothing to substantiate your claims.  Until you do you're nothing but a hack. Have a blessed day. Over and out.