Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?

should read vs. not bs. TYPO   I can’t seem to be able to edit the title.  Sorry 

I am strongly, considering the terminator to 12th anniversary.
I did some research Red reviews, and a friend of mine actually has the plus which he loves my system consist of a Parasound halo amp and preamp all Morrow series 6 cables, and PBN speakers

for $5000. Do you think there is anything I should strongly consider without making this an impossible task

they currently have a Gustard X 26 pro which I will be replacing



I have the Pontus ll 12th anniversary. It's still breaking in but I'm really enjoying it so far.   Happy listening 🎶.

I compared the Terminator Plus 12th and the T+A DAC200 and purchased the T+A.   Both were great.   I thought the T+A was a bit more musical and had a lot more dynamic presentation.   I did most of my listening to both in the R2R NOS mode, so I can’t speak to all the other filter options.   I’m not sure you could go wrong with either.

It really depends on your ears.

For example one person above says that the Terminator beats the Holo May KTE for sound quality, and I would disagree whole heartedly. I believe the Holo May is much, much more musical.

I am also auditioning the T+A now.

Funny, I still have an ancient, still working fine, Magnavox CD player with the venerable TDA1541A DAC chip and yep, it sounds pretty good.

Seriously, good luck with the Terminator 2. I hope it does what you want. I’m probably going to "tap out" at the Pontus 2 - 12th and call it a day.