Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B WOW!!!

Hi All... Yesterday I received my Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B. My wife and I spent the evening last night listening and "we" really like it which surprised me since over the years I have compared numerous amps to my trusty Coincident 300B monoblocks and all have... until now... come up substantially short of the Coincidents. Now this puts me in a difficult position as my wife has had quite a lot of medical testing lately and with the associated financial pressures, I had intended to take a quick listen to the PSE 300B to satisfy mu curiosity then pass along and recover the costs to address the medical bills. Now, clearly that is not going to happen and the Coincidents will be listed for sale over the weekend.

By the way thanks Dennis, You Da Man!

My system (photos attached) is as follows:
Power - Shunyata Denali
Streamer - Innuos Mini Mk3 w/ PSU
Dac - Holo May-KTE
Pre - Sachs Custom Line
Amp1 - *** Dennis Had Inspire PSE 300B *** (horns)
Amp2 - Crown XLS 1500 (base drivers)
Horns - BD-Design Orphean w/ Celestion Axi-2050 drivers 220Hz-20KHz
Base - BD-Design Compact Reference
Sub - SVS 16-Ultra


The added key to success we can see here is you have horns, and what appears to be at least two other power amplifiers involved doing the heavy lifting in the bass and lower sub-frequency range. Nice setup. Enjoy!

Yes, you are missing something. The top photo looks like it has not been fully installed as there are no cords attached to the amp, the old amps are still there and the power cord is still coiled on the left corner of the table. The lower photo shows the 300B's installed and the old mono blocks removed.

Yep, I'll be listing the Coincident monoblocks this weekend.  They have been in my system for years and have never missed a beat and are spotless.  Regarding the horns I have done the entire tour a couple times from SET+horns to Wilson Audio and extreme power amps and back.  Actually, I also have another set of horns as well the BD-Design Oris-150s with Voxative Ac2.6 drivers.  However, using the smaller BD-Design Orphean horns with the new Celestion AXi-2050 has made the Oris-150 no longer needed.  Any takers?  And finally Yes class-D amplification to control the low frequencies is critical to success.