Denon 103 or 103R, Matching/Specs. w/Rega Arms etc

OK, I've looked through the threads and tried to do my own research...but it's a lot of work to figure out some of the spec. (compliance, loading etc) issues and how important/priority it is to sonics, or when you're not really sure what everyone is talking about.

Eventually I plan to get a Michell Tecnodec or Gyro. I probably will have a RB250 on it with one of the tecnoweights (13g max). One day maybe will get a tecnoarm (believe it has a lighter overall mass than with its RB250 origin).

Is the stock denon 103 or 103R suitable? What about with a the Zu103 (R) mod (this cartridge is very heavy)?

I contacted Zu about their cartridges and they were very nice but still unclear about the specs/compatibility issues.

For all the analog sages out there, generally for all cartridges, if I want the best performance from my cartridge, what specs (specific numbers) should I be looking for to match with Rega arms (RB250 and their various renditions)?

Any "rule of thumbs" for LOMC cartridges and phonostages? (gain, loading/impedance etc)......

Does compliance have to do with the tonearm, and loading to do with your phono stage?

or point me towards a good book.

Thanks in advance.
Here's some helpful info:( ( The compliance of the cartridge you choose and the effective mass of your tonearm will determine the resonance of the system/combination. The loading of the cartridge will mostly affect the freq. response. My Denon 103D's response was tested by Denon(and works best)at 1000 ohms. They used to provide a test result graph and specs with each cartridge.
In theory the medium mass Rega should work fine - I've used the 103R with my medium mass (~11g) Graham 1.5T and it worked beautifully. Sounded fabulously involving and was (surprisingly) one of the best tracking MC's I've used. When measured with the HFN&RR test disc, both vertical and horizontal resonances were around an ideal 11Hz.
I think the problems some people have with medium mass arms is dealing with the resonances of the 103's plastic body - not incompatibility with the primary resonance of the cantilever system. The heavier arms might be damping the actual body resonances better - on some tables. So technically medium mass arms work just fine, but IMO would need to be a quality arm/table to get best results. I think there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from 103 users to support this.

Also - with reference to the reply from Rodman99999 above - the Denon test graph that came with my 103R was done at 47Kohms(!), but I would not recommend using this load for listening. 100ohms sounds best in my setup.