Denon DCD-3520 CD Player

I have owned my Denon DCD-3520 for nearly 25 years.  It has performed quite well and never required service to keep it going (knock on wood).   I'm considering time based service including recapping & belts.   Does anyone have expert recommendations and experience with these?     I am not an electronics expert, but do have the skills and tools to perform belt & capacitor replacement.     Thank you!


fantastic piece--i sold mine here on agon a few years ago and have missed it ever since. i do know that belts are easy to find on ebay and quite easy to replace, but as you've experienced the thing is overbuilt to hell and i'd be surprised if you found much demand for service.

I would keep using it. If you have a problem, then you can decide if you want to repair or replace it. For equipment like that, don’t fix if it ain’t broke! I have an old Denon that still works great!