Denon DL-103R cartridge update

Hi everyone. I have been using the 103R on my system for the past year and would like an upgrade. It's a great cartridge, but I'm ready for more detail and dynamics. My system:Pro-ject RM6-SB, Musical Surroundings Phonomena II, Cayin integrated amp, Usher (pre Berylium) tower speakers & Morrow /XLO cables.
I listen mostly to jazz, quartet (where possible), Blue Note, Monk, Coltrane, Hancock, Rollins, Crusaders (pre 1968), Cachao, etc., standard fare but extensive.
Thanks and your suggestions are appreciated.
I went back and forth for a while between a 103R and a Benz L2 Woodbody. They both have some very favorable qualities. Despite the price difference, the Denon can hold its own in a lot of respects. I then moved on to a Benz LP.

I think in general that the Benz line has some of the positive things you like about the 103R while offering more refinement.
Upgrade the body on your 103R (to ebony or aluminum) taking into consideration that you will need to be able to balance out a 12-15 gram weight cartridge. Then send it off to Soundsmith for a ruby cantilever and line contact stylus.

You won't need to upgrade after that unless you want to upgrade your table or phono stage.
I have 6 Denon 103/103R cartridges total(one 103 and one 103R SoundSmith retip). Before that, I had Koetsu Rosewood, Shelter 501, Shelter 901, Benz Glider, Benz ACE(still have this one) as my "test" field. I tried several iterations: wood-body, nude, nude with isolator plate, on both Aluminum and Ruby cantilever.

With the stock 103/103R, except for the SoundSmith retip 103's, there was no question in my mind, they don't compare to the other expensive cartridges mentioned. The retip is definitely an improvement, but depends on the arm being use at the VTF decreases when using Ruby cantilever.

With the wood body SS retip or not, I found what I was looking for. Sold the other carts I had except for the Benz ACE, and of course the Denon's.
I also recommend replacing the stock plastic body.
I've recently started using the Midas aluminium body and I think it makes a far better cartridge than the Uwe wood bodies (I've own the ebony and the panzerholz versions).
In my system the Midas has much greater neutrality, clarity and high frequency air than the wood bodies. I'm really surprised at the improvement.
The 103R/Midas weighs about 14.5g so some arms may require heavier counterweight options.
IMO, the Midas body at $149 is a no-brainer for anyone who already owns a 103R.

I've not heard of the Midas body. That sounds like an interesting option along with the SS retip. What about Zu?. Thank you for your excellent suggestions! There is genuine expertise, wisdom and knowledge in this forum.