Denon DL-103R cartridge update

Hi everyone. I have been using the 103R on my system for the past year and would like an upgrade. It's a great cartridge, but I'm ready for more detail and dynamics. My system:Pro-ject RM6-SB, Musical Surroundings Phonomena II, Cayin integrated amp, Usher (pre Berylium) tower speakers & Morrow /XLO cables.
I listen mostly to jazz, quartet (where possible), Blue Note, Monk, Coltrane, Hancock, Rollins, Crusaders (pre 1968), Cachao, etc., standard fare but extensive.
Thanks and your suggestions are appreciated.
Chuck: I have two 103R's here both within .01 mV on L/R channels. One is .31 on R and .32 on left and the other is .29 R and .30 L.

Thanks.......I think with the upgrades (retip, wood body) from SS it would be a very good cartridge. Especially if you get one with that good of a channel imbalance.

Mine is also imbalanced, left 0,4 and right 0,37 mV (compare this to official numbers : 0,3 Mv !! - some 33% more output!). And I am positive I can hear this (slight music shift to the left). Still this is minor problem, because music just pops out from speakers - how amazing is this stock 103 denon!

>Just curious but what are you folks seeing for output >channel imbalance on your 103r's? Mine was R .29mv and >the L was .33mv.
I thought I heard the same thing. So I sold mine for trade bait instead of trying to have it retiped.Certainly a great cartridge for the money though.

Are you sure that the speakers are the equidistant from each ear? In a high resolution stereo, even a small disparity in timing can sound like a shift in L to R balance. The HF extension of vinyl reveals this more than CD. Try moving the louder speaker an inch further from the listening position and see what happens.