DENON DL-304. Is it the bargain sound or not?

Hello to everyone!
I leave in Greece and it is the first time to write as a member of Audiogon.
First of all I would like to clarify that I am glad to join with your great company!
I like the “analog” site of music, so I have a couple of questions to do.

My current system is:Preamplifier: Onkyo P-304, Power Amplifier: Onkyo M-504, Loudspeakers: Scandyna Blueroom – Minipods, Subwoofer: Blueroom Bass Station, Turntable: Technics SL-1210 MK2, Cartridge: Denon DL-304. The problem is that the sound is very “bright” when I play music with my turntable. I mean that in many discs, the high frequencies are more aggressive than they should be.
08-09-11: Delamostre1
My Technics sits in hokey pucks as an "isolation" solution.
That's a good start, and I see you have the thicker mat and a clamp. but here's what I'm talking about:

My Technics isolation setup

Everything you see underneath the turntable noticeably improved the sound quality. Getting RID of the Technics feet improved the sound as did adding the Vibrapod products. I'd used a smaller cutting board for the first 3 years, but replacing it with the massive cutting board made a big difference. Also note the wrapping around the tonearm.

The sorbothane mat (not visible under the LP), tonearm wrap, LPGear headshell, the isolation footers and the butcher block removed the harshness, brightness, and glare, replacing it with linearity. a lower noise floor, and with that, more inner detail and better dynamics.
Try a 1:36 SUT, unloaded, and tail down on the cart with the manufacturer's recommended VTF. I have been using 304's for 4 years now. I have 65 lbs platter on my Garrard 301 and 55 lbs. platter on my Thorens 124.
Yes, I agree. I think loading is the problem. The MC input impedance on your preamp is 220 ohms. I guess somewhere between 40 and 100 ohms would do it for you if you don't have a transformer. You could make up some loading plugs and try different values. 49 ohms would net you 40. 183 ohms would get 100. Loading plugs are hooked up as a parallel load, usually with a Y adapter. You can figure out the values here:

The 304 is a good cartridge, just a little tricky to get dialed in. Once you figure out the load you can solder the parallel resistors right to the input jacks inside your preamp.
Amandarae and Fleib,

You have my curiosity up--just how good *is* the DL304? I've contemplated that cartridge myself.