Denon DP-1200 Cartridges/Upgrades and manual

I currently have an Audio Technica AT440ML cartridge mounted on the stock Denon DP-1200 S-tonearm. I use a modded Bottlehead Seduction as the phono-preamp. I will have a few extra $$ to spend after the sale of a Denon DP-52F and wonder if there is anything I should do with it....

Although a little embarrassed to admit it, I use my turntable mainly to play 80s 12" dance vinyl and other, mostly synthesized, 80s music. The cartridge seems fine but the bass [dynamic punch..?] is sometimes lacking - more often about the pressing than the cartridge, I'm sure.

With a $200 - $300 price range, are there any upgrades that would be significant or should I spend the money on the grand kid? For my non-critical vinyl pleasures, is my AT440ML doing all that there is to be done?

Also, I am desperate for a copy of the manual for the DP-1200 [especially the tonearm set-up instructions.] Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
scottier1 has a library of instruction manuals for hundreds of tables and arms and you may be able to download on there.
My denon dl-160 cartridge kicks sand in the face of my C.D. player. The bass response is cleaner, deeper and fuller.
Denon DL-160
I have both a Denon DL-160 and Audio Technica AT150MLX. The Denon is nice, but the AT absolutely kicks its butt--faster, more detailed, airier, lusher, and yet more articulate. The AT150MLX is still in your price range. Last time I checked you could still get one from for $299. I also HIGHLY recommend you get the LPGear ZuPreme headshell to mount it on.

Don't be fooled into thinking it's not much of a step up from the AT440MLa, given the similarities in stylus and internals. The solid aluminum body of the AT150 makes for better control and linearity; well worth the extra money. It'll make for a great dance rig.

Another nice touch: the AT150MLX replacement stylus is the same price (from LPGear) as a replacement DL-160.