Denon DV-2200 vs 2900

Am looking for an all format player. From what I've read it sounds like the Denon's fit somewhere in between the laid back sound of say the Philips/Sony players and the somewhat more upfront sound of the Pioneers.

Interestingly, Absolute Sound reviewed the 2900 and didn't like it much, yet same reviewer liked the 2200. Seems odd to me but certainly possible. In other places though the 2900 gets pretty high marks. Anyone have any experience with the two who can give me another opinion on these 2 players. Any other suggestions in the 300-600 price range. I am most concerned with SACD and DVD-A playback, as I will use a DAC for redbook CD playback. Video performance is secondary.
Avguru, thanks for the input. Actually, I was going to use them as transports - sounds like that may not be the best idea now. Maybe that old NAD in my second system or my son's Marantz would be a better idea. (He'd love a shiny new do it all player :-).

Sounds like you have considerable experience in this area and a fair amount of access to equipment. Any other thoughts on players in this or perhaps slightly higher price range (up to $750)? I'm starting to think that perhaps it's just not possible to do this right with one player and maybe I'd be better off with a higher cost SACD player and a total budget DVD-A player - since I don't have or plan to have very many DVD-A discs. Maybe something like a Marantz 8260 used and a total budget DVD-A unit. Use one of them, possibly the Marantz as a transport.
I love my 2200. I agree that the 2900 sounded "different". Also, for the money difference, the 2900 wasn't worth it unless you need more connections.

I don't have any vibration problems with my unit and the sound is spectacular. I wouldn't bother considering an external d/a unless you plan to spend big bucks.

Do I like this unit better than my old marantz with a CAL Alpha d/a-YES. The alpha was a bit warmer but overall the denon is worth the money. It plays everything quite nicely.

The only quirk/problem I've had is that sometimes it wants to wait/hesitates with some commands (ie if I push menu then decide to stop a disc, it will get stuck in the menu loop first).

I would take it over the comparable sony and pioneer units.
The 2900 has discrete DSD dacs. There is no DSD->PCM
conversion it is done in native DSD. Not sure about the 2200.
I've owned a 2900 for about a year now and I find SACD and
DVD-A playback to be very fine with the 2900. CD playback is
just OK but that's compared to my Wadia 861es so take that
opinion for what it's worth.

Avguru is correct in that the transport in the 2900 is not the
greatest. Slow disc loading times and audible disc spinning
although I must say that the spinning can only be heard within
a few feet of the player and only when there is no sound. I
can't hear the spinning when music is playing or from my
listening position about 10ft away.

I bought the 2900 mostly as an upgrade to my DVD-V player.
The video section is really top-notch. Check
for general impressions both audio and video. I just play
around with the SACD/DVD-A stuff. I have about 20 SACDS and
20 DVD-As. CDs are still my main source. Although I must
admit that I love DVD-A's that permit access to their
high-res PCM data, such as Santana's 'Supernatural' which
I can use my 861es to play back the 24/96 stereo tracks.
In what all ways sonically is the Denon DVD-3910 superior to the 2200 and 2900?
Are the improvements slight or big?
Thanks for all the input. I had planned to use a high quality DAC because redbook is still what I primarily listen to, and probably will for years to come. I'll have to continue to research my options. I'd like to keep the budget pretty low because the Hi-res formats are really not a large part of my collection. . . . . george