Denon DVD-3910 digi out?

Does anyone know for sure if the firewire (1394) port on the Denon DVD-3910 will output SACD and DVD-A . Almost all multi-format players will not digitally output SACD or DVD-A . Does anyone know of any that do ? Maybe in the pro-sound/studio area?
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I just checked my 3910 and I don't see a firewire port period. It does have a digital output section, and in it there is an optical jack and a coaxial jack, that's it. Further, no player outputted the hi-rez formats digitally when 3910 was released, so it seems unlikely this would be an exception.
Not sure about the 3910. Denon 5910ci lets you pass multichannel DSD (SACD) and DVD-Audio using 1394 connection, as long as the receiving device supports DTCP copyright protection -- can't plug into a PC.
Depends on the software version you have. Check with the Denon website for upgrades.