Denon PMA 2000 IVR vs. Arcam AVR 280

I know, I's not even apples and oranges, it's Apple-tinis and Orangutans. But I still have a question to ask y'all.

I have separate 2-channel and HT systems now. My 2-ch player is an Arcam CD36 and Totem Hawks are driven by the aforementioned Denon.

My HT system has the Arcam at its core, with a crappy DVD player (soon to be replaced by an Oppo BD-83 or 83 SE), Gallo a'Diva Tis and a Totem Thunder sub.

I can use the extra channels on the AVR as a zone 2 and run everything out of the Arcam, and lose the Denon. But, should I? It would be a less cluttered set-up, but would sound suffer? Also, I wouldn't be able to bi-wire the Hawks anymore.

Thoughts? And thanks in advance for any help.


I am very familiar with the PMA and it is a fantastic amp. Denon recently introduced an anniversary amp, I forget the model number, but it sure looks like a VERY slightly modified (cosmetically) PMA, and the specs are identical. The only thing I can see different in the specs is that it weighs 57lbs, where the PMA 2000 IVR was 54lbs. The anniversary amp is $2500. No wonder Denon took the PMA off the U.S. market, they wanted to reintroduce it a year or so later for more than double the price!

Anyway, I think for your 2-channel music, the rig you already have with the PMA is the better option.


Interesting, it's clearly a refresh of the PMA-2000 IVR, glad I snagged one when I could - It's even better sounding in power amp mode!
denon calls its 25th anniversary integrated amp the pma-a100. they claim it uses superior parts and has superior sound quality; just how much differentiation from the much cheaper stock unit is open to question. i heard the anniversary edition at abt here in chicago (with some focal 836vs) and i must admit it sounded great, though i didn't hear it next to the 200ivr. to fischgrape's question, i'm a big fan of arcam; it's certainly possible that your hawks, even single-wired, would sound better with the arcam--have you done a side-by-side with both amps?

I just recently hooked up a Sony TA E 80ES Pre to the Denon 2000ivr direct in - WOW! what a difference that makes, especially for the power handling! I was missing that punch and headroom using only the Denon with my 805 matrix speakers, but not now - just wondering if a dedicated power amp (POA 3000?) will be even "better". no just to find one to compare it to. 

But for the money i paid for both of these units, it's hard to think i could get anywhere close to this quality with new equipment for the equivalent budget.