Denon PMA-A110 110 Anniversary Edition

This has to be one of the finest pieces Denon has ever put together, at $3600 USD.  4 onboard DAC's, I would have to say at this price point, it probably the best out there and its a limited run stock.  This unit is > than Yamaha Flag item AS3200 at half the cost.

Has anyone tried or listen to this awesome item?

I haven't heard this unit yet but I'm interested. I have listened to the less expensive Denon 900HNE integrated amp in my home and I thought it had something special going for it in the mids and highs when powering some little Sony SSCS-5 bookshelf speakers, making them sound the best I've heard them so far. Out of curiosity I measured the frequency response against another amp and sure enough they were different, with the Denon having slightly less response between 1kHz and 7kHz, and then a couple dB more response above 7kHz. This surprised me because a complaint about the SSCS-5 is too much output above 7kHz.

I own both the Yamaha A-S2200 and the Denon PMA-110. Both are excellent amplifiers but I am beginning to tip my hat to Denon. The 110 equals the Yamaha A-S3200 in sound quality yet can be had for less. The build quality is every bit as good if not better than the Yamies. Also built in Japan not Malaysia. Both of these companies have deep pockets for R&D and great audio history. Some have mentioned the lack of a balanced XLR output on the Denon but is it really necessary with current connectivity? The Denon has an excellent built in Dac and tons of current connections. If you have a Cd player with XLR's and a coaxial digital out, it makes more sense to to go direct to the Amps Dac eliminating the XLR need. I think the PMA-110 is a brilliant product that delivers the widest, fattest soundstage for less the 10Grand. I also like the Yamaha for different reasons but I do tip the scale to Denon.

@kevmorse , I agree with you on this.  The Denon is a excellent amp for its value.  Unfortunately people on AGON see Japanese gear as mid-fi.  I can collect this gear for a lifetime, LOL.  At this point, Im happy with my sound room.  Its all I need and then some.  You can visit my virtual system.  Happy listening brother.

Good point and well said. People don't realize the resources that Yamaha & Denon both have for R&D as well as years of experience. I have seen, owned and heard many of the boutique brands that simply can not compete with these amplifiers. The build is simply remarkable and from the standpoint of sound, well, these guys have done the R&D to accomplish their goals. They also, IMHO out gun the more expensive Japanese products like Luxman, Esoteric and Accuphase. I was shocked at how my Sonus Faber Signums opened up with the A-110. Kudos to both Yamaha and Denon for producing high end product for critical ears.

FWIW, they’re both $2500 right now at accessories 4 less, the 110 and 2200.🏃‍♂️💨