Denver used market?

My father recently passed away. He was a bit of an audiophile and had a lot of high end equipment. Among the long list are a set of 4 Quad ESL-2912's which I would love to take home, but have no room for.  I see none of these listed anywhere on the used market - and even though my Dad was a completest and kept all the original packing it seems shipping them would be difficult.

I'm curious how people deal with this. It seems like this would be the best place to list them for sale, but I'm wondering if there are any professionals in the Denver area who might be interested in having a look at his entire system. He ran Tact and NAD digital amps, Quad speakers, HDSPe AES soundcards, etc, etc.

Thanks for any advice.



Condolences on your loss Graham. As far as The Music Room suggestion above I 2nd it. My best friend lives in Louisville and we went in to upgrade his ancient stereo. Not only were those guys a pleasure to deal with they seemed overjoyed to have local walk in traffic. Worth checking out at least.

Gold Sound on south Broadway also buys/sells used equipment. Sorry for your loss.

My condolences on your loss Graham. I also recommend The Music Room. I have used them for a number of trades for upgrade.  All excellent experiences and fair pricing in both trade and purchase.  

Sorry for your loss. Musicroom is going to take a significant cut and.... they are gonna list it on Audiogon anyway.... Hence, list it directly on Audiogon for local pickup and try your luck.

Ime, Hifiheaven, dealer based out of Wisconsin had a history of providing significant trade-in value on things (not gip you too much, like the rest of them), if you were to buy something from him.