Describe the "new HiFi sound"?

Recently had a discussion with an audio friend over the word "musical" and what this word means to each of us with regard to sound from different amplifiers and speakers. Some debate too.  And, reading this other comment on Agon once in a some equipment has the "new HiFi sound".  


Can someone describe this, in your words, what is the new HiFi Sound to you?  Examples? Or, opposites of the new HiFi sound, what does this sound like?





I knew I never should have posted to this ridiculous thread ( sorry to the op ). Commenting on my use of Elton John (for keeping it simple, as everyone should know him ), makes me realize the few ignorant folks here, have no clue as to my point of musical. If you do not think Elton a good piano player, I am so very sorry for those of you who commented. I could have stated Mike Garson, Erroll Garner, or even Count Basie, but again, I wanted to keep it simple. The round and round and round some go through with constant equipment change, shows me a few here, know nothing about music, music theory, and especially, what they are looking for, in a music system. BTW, I do believe Elton a very accomplished piano player, as I do Billy Joel. Continue on my peers, and as always, Enjoy ! MrD. And, if you want to continue your banter....I can take it ! There are always a few.........sad indeed.

The new sound is to the old sound like hi res video is to what came before, ie sharp and clear not soft and fuzzy.  That’s it really. 

@decooney I apologize to you. You stated in your post, " relative to amps and speakers ", and I took it somewhere else. My best ! MrD.