Describe your Totem Arro System

Greetings folks,
Recently picked up a new pair of Totem Arro floorstanders (along with Totem DreamCatcher center and surrounds, and totem Storm sub).

For those of you Audiogoners who have a pair of Arros, what else is in your system? Electronics, speaker cables, IC's? Using them just for 2-channel listening, or also within a HT system?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey Dwhitt,
Thanks so much for the thoughtful and detailed reply. Very helpful.

All those amps you listed, did you own all of those at one time.. or just audition them?

On the Audioquest cable, when you said p4- are these the "Type 4" or something different? Also, have you usually run single wire to your Arros or biwire? Did biwiring make much of a difference to your ears?

I am greatly enjoying my Arros so far. My Arros are starting out as the mains in my HT system, but I have a funny feeling they are going to end up in their own little comfy 2-channel listening room w/ some nice electronics.
as i said, i can only tell you about the two ch. system i used the arro speakers. the type 4 is correct by audioquest, i used them with the bi connects sent with speakers and found they sounded fine, although i used the anti cables ,used with biwire, the anti jumpers and it did sound somwhat better. i forgot to tell you about the antispeaker cables and jumpers that i bought on audiogon, they worked well. i amps i owned them all, i like tube, but believe the arro sounded better to me with solid state. the naim was outstanding, now totem shows their equipment with ayre with the larger speakers and i have seen them set up with sim audio amps. the krell 400xi sounded great and the unison , it used pre tube and s.s. output..hybrid and i liked that alot...these were not great differences but they were somewhat differences, if you buy good amps they will do well with the arro...i don't know how they will sound let me know...i did own all the amps mentioned and used with them, at the time my system shows the cayin tube. if you can buy used or new anti and you like the look ok then by all means use them with the jumpers.....i still have arro speakers in my bedroom system with cambridge equipment with the audioqust cable and it is fine...
Hi Headshrinker2,
I have had the pleasure of owning the Arros for almost 10 years. Throughout these 10 years my accompanying electronics have remained somewhat the same as well with the exception of the source components. My current system consists of:

Oppo 980H Universal player tweaked with a Asylum Crump Power Cord, Cone footers and some dampening of the top chassis plate

connected via Venhaus DIY Cotton insulated 99.99% pure silver interconnects with Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs to

a Bryston B-60 integrated amp in conjunction with a Bryston 2B-LP in bi-amp configuration which is then connected to the Arros via Sonocable Stradivarious I a high specification teflon insulated cryo treated silver clad copper speaker cables. See my system under Budget Minded systems using "Sonocable" as the search word for additional details and photos.
Thanks for the reply. What sized room is this system in? What kind of music do you primarily listen to? Is this your main or secondary system? Did bi-amping them make a significant difference? Have you tried other integrated amps with the Arros over the years?
The room the system is in is approximately 10'x20' but the system is located at one end of the room (it is a "great room" with living room/dining area/kitchen all in one space).

I listen mostly to jazz, new age/world, rock and pop. I listen to music only on this system and watch movies in a separate home theatre system elsewhere in my house.

The bi-amping really opens up the sound adding more weight/bass and dynamics which in turn sounds more lifelike. The Bryston combo is a very highly resolving and musical package. As such, I feel no need to change my current setup and have not tried other amps with my Arros.

However, I have heard my friends' set of Arros driven by a YBA Integre DT and it sounded fine with a greater emphasis on the midrange fullness and richness which is not to my tastes.

He has long since moved on from the Arros though.